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History of Technology

what are medieval technologies

what technology was there in the medieval time?

Those who think that "high tech" is the same thing as technology in general presume that there really wasn't much in the way of technology during the Middle Ages. Technology, however, encompasses the use of tools and techniques in general. As long as there was been record of human civilization, there have been tools. The Middle Ages were a vibrant, productive period for the development of all sorts of technologies, including the horseshoe, stirrup, spinning wheel, compass, mechanical clock, windmill, hourglass, eyeglasses, bound books, cannons, gunpowder, and the fork. For further online reading, see my Early Technology page. For offline reading, see Gies and Gies, Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel; Gimpel, The Medieval Machine; and Frugoni, Books, Banks, Buttons and other Inventions from the Middle Ages.


how to be a medievalist

Read widely. Study as many relevant languages as you can, especially Latin. Meet other aspiring medievalists. The LiveJournal Medieval Studies community is a good place to start. If you're interested in a wide-ranging, active mailing list which discusses all aspects of the Middle Ages, try mediev-l.

medieval current news

I recommend Mirabilis, Cronaca, and the Digital Medievalist for online news pertaining to the Middle Ages. Academic journals which deal with the Middle Ages can also be a good source of news, especially if the news you want is about the latest scholarship.

Shopping in Toronto

where to purchase catan toronto

settlers of catan toronto stores

The Hairy Tarantula sells Settlers of Catan, as does the game store located in PATH, underneath the Royal York Hotel.

any direct flight clothing

toronto any direct flight

Any Direct Flight is a fabulous independent clothing store, which re-opened at 1382 Queen Street East in early June 2006. (416-504-0017) They stock their own range of clothing, plus a variety of lovely things made by Canadian designers. They will also make clothing to order.

lambertrand toronto

Last I knew, no stores in Toronto carried the Lambertrand range. They used to attend the One of a Kind show, but it's been years since they were there. Last I checked, there was a list of shops carrying their goods, mostly in Quebec and eastern Ontario. For those not familiar with the brand, Lambertrand makes lovely modern outfits inspired by various historic periods.

toronto playmobil

A number of independent toy stores stock more-or-less the full range of Playmobil. These include The Toy Store, just east of Bay, north of Bloor; Treasure Island Toys, west of Pape on the Danforth; and the toy store on the west side of Bathurst, about a block south of Bloor.


playmobil tarot cards

Back in 2002, an enterprising artist at the now-defunt site put together images of the Major Arcana using Playmobil figures. I saved copies of the images at the time, but since I don't have the right to reproduce them, haven't reposted them online.