Medievalist Weblogs (sorted Alphabetically)

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This is an list of Medievalists with weblogs, or any other logs which spend some significant portion of their time discussing Medieval content. The Medievalists include undergraduates, graduate students, and professors. I would happily make additions and updates to this list ( Most of these were located through the work of other Medievalists who are equally interested in who else out there in the profession is blogging or journaling. This may mean I have mistakenly misidentified some of these logs as being relevant to this list.

This list was created and is maintained using PubTAL.

* Type Key
P = Professor
G = Graduate Student
U = Undergraduate Student
S = Formally Studied/Has relevant degree
R = Independent researcher; Serious Hobbyist; Referred to as a Medievalist
C = Collective, Group weblog
I = Institutional or Commercial
Weblog Name Type * Frequency of Medieval Content Language   Medieval Interests
A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe S Always English Medieval news; Carolingians; medievalia
Aliciam G Sometimes English Late Roman History, Law Codes
Alliterative P Sometimes English Old English, Old Norse, Middle English, History of English
Anachronista R Sometimes English Medievalia
Ancarett P Sometimes English Historical memory; sixteenth-century England
Ancient World Wide Web C Frequently English Ancient and Early Medieval History; Archaeology
Ancrene Wiseass G Frequently English Academia
And gladly wolde (s)he lerne S Sometimes English Academia; Literature
Andrea Lankin G Frequently English
Andrew Reeves G Sometimes English Anglo-Saxon Literature; Tolkien
Angel Falling U Sometimes English Archaeology; Pre-christian groups; Celts
Angevin2 G Rarely English Chaucer, Shakespeare
Anoelleona U Rarely English Twelfth century literature; Arthurian romances; cathedrals
Another boring academic has a blog? S Sometimes English Academia; Inquisition; magic/magical texts (K'zoo Coordinator)
Apewit G Sometimes English English History; History of medicine
Archivalia C Frequently German Archives and related issues
Art roman, art gothique, art médiéval ? Always French Art History; Romanesque, Gothic, Medieval Art
Aurelius G Rarely English Violence, Female Sanctity, Late Antiquity
Baraita P Sometimes English Late Medieval France?
Bean_drui U Sometimes English Celtic Literature, Old French
Beginning U Sometimes English Linguistics; Celtic Studies; knighthood
Beo See Go Lightly.
Beowulf Blog C Frequently English Beowulf, intellectual history, historiography, traumatic experience, collective memory, ethical philosophy, war
Blitztoire S Frequently French Medievalia
Blogenspiel P Sometimes English Medievalia online
Blue Rapunzel U Rarely English King Arthur, Robin Hood, Tristan and Isolde
Brian's Study Breaks G Sometimes English Islamic History
Burnable Books P Frequently English Academia; Medievalia in the news
Byzantinesque Latin Sometimes English Catholicism; Eastern Orthodox
CJ G Rarely English Saxon Prose and homilies; Beowulf; Germanic epics
Cacciaguida Sometimes English Catholicism; Law
Carcin0gen G Rarely English Death Culture; Power Structures; Iconoclasm
Carpe Libros See In Translation.
Cassandre G Sometimes English French Literature
Cataptromancer G Sometimes English Chaucer; 14th c English politics
Caveat Lector R Rarely English Ex-Medievalist *; Medieval Spanish Literature?
Centro Studi Medievali "Ponzio di Cluny" I Always Italian News about the Centro
Childeric P Rarely English Early medieval social and economic history
Christophs Notizen G Frequently German Jewish History; bibliography
Chronica Minora G Frequently English Trial-by-combat; Latin; Medievalia
Clio's Folly G Sometimes English History of English
Colin Brayton G Sometimes English Comp lit, medieval Iberian, Romance philology, medieval Arabic, Old French, medieval Latin, esp. Arabic-into-Latin translation and the evolution of the frame-narrative.
Cow U Rarely English Literature; Music
Craig Schamp See Logographer.
Cranky Professor P Sometimes English Academia; Italy
Creating Text(iles) P Sometimes English England; manuscripts
Cronaca ? Sometimes English Archaeology; Art History
Curtana G Sometimes English British History
Cwjat See Jennifer.
Cyber Medievalist G Frequently English Graduate school; book reviews; conferences
DC_Commons Sometimes English Church History; England
Daeron S Rarely English History
Dame Eleanor Hull P Frequently English Academia; Manuscripts; Literature
Debilitas Mentis G Frequently English Graduate school; academia; medieval mental impairment
Digital Medievalist P Always English Celtic; An annotated list of medieval-related links and notes.
Discipuladc G Rarely English Pre-Norman Britain; Art History
Dissertators C Always English Group blog for discussion of medieval PhD dissertations
Dorothea Salo See Caveat Lector.
Drown Soda Distro U Rarely English Gender and sexuality; Italy
Drowning but Learning G Sometimes English Church History from Boniface to the 4th Lateran Council; Monasticism
Early Medieval Art P Always English Pedagogy; research tools; early medieval art
Ecce Equus Pallidus G Frequently English Academia; Chaucer; Intellectual History
Edge of the Dice G Frequently Engish Academia; Mevieval literature; poetry; natural philosophy; history of science
Edward II S Always English Edward II
El Diario dela Condesa G Frequently Spanish Medieval literature
English Eclectic See Paul Halsall.
Ensemble Adelchis C Frequently Italian Music; Ensemble Adelchis
Essential Imperfect G Rarely English Marie de France, Chaucer
Et in Arcadia Ego G Frequently English Graduate school; Catholicism
Eulistes See What is History but the Praise of Rome?.
Everild P Sometimes English Saints' cults; gender conceptions
Ezzelino ? Frequently Italian Material Culture; Italy; Lifestyle
Femenye G Sometimes English Old Norse; Old and Middle English; MHG; Amazons
Femme Grrl Prof G Rarely English Academia
Fides Quaerens Intellectum P Frequently English; Latin Theology; Visionaries and mystics; text/image relationships; twelfth-century literature; Hildegard of Bingen
Fijodalgo G Russian Law of medieval Leon-Castile Kingdom (Content is in Russian, which I can't read, so I don't know how much is relevant.)
Geoffrey Chaucer ? Always Middle English Novelty Blog; Written from Chaucer's point-of-view
Glosses G On Hiatus English Etymology; Folklore; Slavic; Old Norse
Go Lightly U Sometimes English Beowulf, Old English, Literature, Latin
Got Medieval G Always English Medievalia; Modern misperceptions
Governal ? Sometimes English Literature
Grey Thistle R Sometimes English History; England; Chronicles; Laws
H.D. Miller P Sometimes English Islamic Spain and Classical Islam. The cultural and intellectual interactions between medieval Muslims, Christians and Jews, esp. those in Iberia.
Hagahot ? Sometimes English Medieval Jewish religious literature
Hagio-historiographie médiévale S Always French Hagiography; Medievalia on the internet
Hairy Eyeball See Colin Brayton.
Haligweorc S Rarely Engish Theology; Gospel of Matthew
Heavenfield G Always English Anglo-Saxons
Hench Minion See Chronica Minora.
Henry Scogan ? Always Middle English Novelty Blog; Written from Henry Scogan's point-of-view
Heo Cwaeth G Frequently English Literature; Medieval Women; Academia
Heu Mihi P Sometimes English Academia
Highly Eccentric S Frequently English Medievalia; Anglo-Saxon Studies
Highly Magnified, Thoroughly Educated P Rarely English Academia
Hilarity Allen G Sometimes English Ecclesiastical History, Venerable Bede, Anglo-Saxon, Norse
Historium ? Sometimes English Medievalia; Modern misperceptions
History Speaks See And gladly wolde (s)he lerne.
Homuncula G Sometimes English Medieval philosophy, particularly magic and astrology
Iconoclam G Sometimes English Scandanavian Art
Ideofact R Sometimes English History of Islam; History of Technology
Ilana G Sometimes English Social and economic history; impact of war; purveyance
Ilaria's Illuminating Experiences R Frequently English Experimental archeology; illuminations
Illuminatio R Rarely English English, Irish Literature
In Translation G Sometimes English Celtic Studies; Anglo-Saxon
In the Middle C Frequently English Group blog
Isfogailsi S Sometimes English Politics in Medieval Japan
IsleSkye U Rarely English English Literature; Gawain
J. Anderson Coats R Sometimes English Thirteenth-century Britain
Jakob G Rarely English Royal administration and the relationship aristocracy-king in Late Medieval Denmark
Janice Liedl P Sometimes English Academia
Jeff Sypeck Quid plura?
Jeffrey Woolf P Sometimes English Jewish History; Law
Jennifer G Sometimes English Crusaders, Archaeology, Pottery, Death, Burial
John Gower ? Always Middle English Novelty Blog; Written from Gower's point-of-view
John of Salisbury S Sometimes English 12th-13th c Intellectual History; Paleography
Jurden S Russian Germany; Witch hunts (Note: I can't read Russian so don't know how much content is relevant!)
Just Insomnia G Rarely English Troubador poetry, Ovid's Ars Amatoria, Middle English love complaints, Andreas Capellanus' De amore
K.A. Laity See Wombat's World.
Kasandaro See CJ.
Katherine Swynford ? Always Middle English Novelty Blog; Written from Katherine Swynford's point-of-view
Katherine Swynford R Always English Research on Katherine Swynford and her family
Kross & Sweord Sometimes English Church History, The Crusades, Catholicism
Lady Jane G Rarely English
Lady Kathryn U Rarely English Cooking
Lady Sylkie See Mary Adelle Leinart.
Lady of Shalott G Rarely English Graeco-Roman World
Larkvi G Sometimes English Latin
Lessons on the English Longsword ? Frequently English Medieval martial arts; tie-in blog to book of the same name
Lindsay G Rarely English Hagiography
LittleOwl S Rarely English French Literature
Living The History:Elizabeth Chadwick R Frequently English Knights; On-site research; Material Culture
Logographer G Sometimes English Visigothic and Islamic Spain; ethnicity and intercultural interactions
Magistra et Mater P Frequently English Medievalia; motherhood; religion
Manu Scripta U Sometimes English Medieval Law; Charlemagne's Court; Alcuin
Manuscript Boy See Hagahot.
Mary Adelle Leinart S Sometimes English Crusades, Knights Templar, Iconography, England
Material Collective G Frequently English Modern reconceptualizations of medieval art
Matt's Journal U Sometimes English Old English Literature, Scandanavian Myth, Chretien, John Donne
Matthew Paris Frequently English Chronicles
Mattparus U Sometimes English Boccaccio, Chaucer
Maweisse S Sometimes English/Finnish/Swedish? Academia
Medieval Blogger See New York Carver.
Medieval Club of Georgetown I Sometimes English Georgetown Medieval Studies-related events
Medieval Cripples, Crazies and Imbeciles ... and a Service Dog? G Sometimes English Academia; disabilities
Medieval Geek G Frequently English Medievalia
Medieval History S Always English Medievalia
Medieval History S Always English Popular History
Medieval Material Culture Blog ? Always English Medieval news
Medieval Mayhem U Sometimes English Poetry
Medieval Studies C Always English Academia; Medievalia
Medieval Woman See Purring Prophecy.
Medievalist Errant G Frequently English Celtic thing; Arthuriana; holiday celebrations
Medioevo I Always Italian Current events relating to the Middle Ages; weblog for the Associazione Culturale Italia Medievale
Memoria volatilis R Always Finnish/English Vikings, medievalia
Mern Thonke P Frequently English Anglo-Saxon Literature; English Literature
Michael Drout See Wormtalk.
Michelle Palmer G Sometimes English Mallory, Chaucer
Middle Ages and Beyond R Frequently English Medievalia
Mind Numbing G Sometimes English History; Archaeology
Minira G Sometimes English Women in popular religious movements, Cistercians, the cura monialium, women's education, Hildegard von Bingen, Marie d'Oigny, Jacques de Vitry
Mirabilis Sometimes English Catholicism
Miriam G Sometimes English Celtic Theology; Church History
Miss Cranky U Rarely English
Mistress of Mead G Sometimes English Twelfth and thirteenth century English social and legal history
Modern Medieval C Always English Medieval news; medievalia
Mony Wylsum S Always English Middle English literature; academia
Morganlf G Sometimes English Old English, Middle English
Morganlf See Aud the Deep Minded.
Moyen Âge R Always English Medievalia; Books about the Middle Ages
Muhlberger's Early History P Sometimes English Current events relating to the Middle Ages
Mummy Beare G Sometimes English Archaeology
Ménestrel S Always French Medievalia on the internet
Naked Philologist G Always Engish Language; philology; Anglo-Saxon
Net Bib C Frequently German Libraries, books, and manuscripts
New Kid on the Hallway P Rarely English Academia; Blogging
New York Carver R Always English Medievalia; Media; Stone carving
News for Medievalists I Always English Medievalia in the news
Noelle U Sometimes English Literature, swords, later middle ages
Northern Lights G Rarely English Medievalism
Notre Dame Medieval Institute I Always English University of Notre Dame Medieval Institute news
Ockhamist Sometimes English Theology; Church History
Ogmios S Rarely English Celtic Studies
Old English in New York P Frequently English Old English; Academia
Old Oligarch P Rarely English Theology
On Boundaries C Sometimes English Academia; disciplinarity
Owlfish See S. Worthen.
Owwwl S Russian Muslim Spain (Note: I can't read Russian so don't know how much content is relevant!)
Papersky S Sometimes English Late Antiquity/Early Medieval
Pasternosters R Sometimes English History of paternosters and rosaries
Paul Halsall S Sometimes English Internet History Sourcebooks Project preprint texts
Pecia ? Always French Manuscript history; relevant bibliography and conferences
Per Omnia Saecula Benedicta G Frequently English Dante, Prester John, bestiaries, medievalia
Philobiblon R Rarely English Late Medieval/Early Modern
Philologist Errant G Sometimes English Graduate school; academia
Philosopher Cat U Sometimes English Chaucer, Celtic Studies
Phlebas See Michelle Palmer.
Pigsnicket U Sometimes English Church History; British History; Magic
Piratehead G Sometimes English Latin, Germany
Policraticus See John of Salisbury.
Prof. Blogger's Pontifications P Sometimes English Academia; Literature
Purring Prophecy P Sometimes English Academia; Literature
Pwwka U Rarely English Intellectual history, church history, female mystics
Quid Nomen Illius? P Sometimes English Literature, teaching, medievalism, Chaucer, and Charlemagne
Quid plura? P Frequently English
Quod She P Frequently English Academia; Medievalia
Rafaela U Rarely English High Medieval Literature
Remembered Places P Always English Calvary; Jerusalem; medieval copies; simulacra and memories of them
Rhiannon S Rarely English Music
Rymenhild G Rarely English Cultural interactions in medieval English literature
S. Worthen P Rarely English Classifications of knowledge; History of technology; Weather
SaffronJan S Sometimes English Old English; Latin; Book History; Art History
Sara Jane See Drown Soda Distro.
Sceopellen G Frequently English Early Medieval literature, architecture, art; critical theory; academia
Schizmatic See Andrew Reeves.
Scott Nokes See Unlocked Wordhoard.
Seanachai U Rarely English Literature; Iceland
Selah G Frequently English Psalms; psalters; Bede
Shantih Sometimes English Anglo-Saxon Literature; paleography
Sioneva G Rarely English Art History
Skelligsraven See Medieval Mayhem.
Snow Blood and Coal G Rarely English Folklore, Folk Tales, Literacy
St. Silvanus' Scriptorium R Frequently English Quotations from medieval sources; fiction inspired by the Middle Ages
Stephe S Rarely English Medieval Law
Steven Till R Frequently English Language; historical fiction
Stéphanie U Sometimes English Latin; Anselm; Dante
Subnivean U Rarely English
Summa contra Mundum P Sometimes English Catholicism
Sunset Mog G Sometimes English Late Medieval Britain
Sybilla Oritur G Sometimes English Academia
Sylvie U Rarely English Germanic languages and literature
Tempore C Sometimes Portugese Historical topics from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Thaliestra See Femenye.
The Age of Perfection See Heu Mihi.
The Cork Diaries G Rarely English Medieval Literature
The Heroic Age G Always English Early Middle Ages; CFPs; job ads
The Reader R Rarely English Catholicism
The Rebel Letter P Sometimes English Academia
The Ruminate G Always English Medieval News
Tiruncula P Sometimes English Dead Languages
Travelling Shoes See H.D. Miller.
Unlocked Wordhoard P Sometimes English Academia; Literature
Vislius G Sometimes English Academia; Latin
Wadam See Snow Blood and Coal.
What is History but the Praise of Rome? P Frequently English Academia; Medieval Rome
Will Hudson U Rarely English Catholic Church during the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties.
Wombat's World P Frequently English Literature
Wormtalk P Frequently English Anglo-Saxon; Tolkien Studies
Wraetlic G Always English Old English; Middle English; Old French; Middle French
Xoom P Sometimes English Teaching; Beowulf; Media; Debunking
Yalebot G Sometimes English Beowulf; poetry; Twitter
Ypocras G Sometimes English Latin translation; herbals; alchemy; academia