Fishpond: S. Worthen

Primary Homepage for S. Worthen's websites

This site, like so many others, started out as an all-purpose homepage. These days, there are so many other ways to have a constructive, dynamic presence online, including, but not limited to, weblogs. And indeed, I keep one of those as well, which is much more regularly updated, and focuses on the many of the same priorities as I do here: medievalia, academia, travel, and food. Perhaps some of it may prove useful to you.

This website is divided up into 3 sites with their own subdomains:

Highlights of this site include:
  • Medievalists' Weblogs: a list of medievalists and their weblogs. (Implemented using PubTAL.)
  • A collection of information about the food scenes in Des Moines, London, Toronto, and Venice.