Themes on a Day

Friday, 23 April 1999

12:49 am - Rose Theatre

The Rose theater was London's first dedicated theater site. Home of all of Christopher Marlowe's plays and Shakespeare's first several. When its ruins were excavated in 1989, the thronging crowds believed it would likely be the last time the theater was to be seen in any form, since a high rise was then built upon the site. Now, however, the ruins are again open to the public, more as an informative fund-raiser than because the average viewer can really conclude much from a bunch of foundations. The 20-minute video presentation is enhanced by the electroluminescent illuminations of the ruins (which were designed and installed by the father of a friend of mine.) In its current form, the Rose theater will be open for 2 years, 1999-2001. By that point, it is hoped, enough money will have been raised to further excavate the site and improve upon the existing 'performance' of the site.

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