Tuesday, 27 May 2003

10:46 pm - Error Log

Thanks to browsing through error logs today, I found out that the individual day entries for fishpond had non-functioning links to the rest of the site. It should all be fixed now, thanks to differentiating between the main template and the day template.


Thursday, 20 February 2003

11:16 pm - One-quarter of the Internet

Today, according to Livejournal's Status Page, approximately one-quarter of IP addresses have been blocked from accessing the service, since there is a widespread denial-of-service attack on LiveJournal. I'm part of that one-quarter. Ironically, however, when I turned to this page in lieu of my normal posting-place, C.'s recent GUI upgrade interfered with my ability to use the alternate weblog posting program. Perversely enough, I couldn't run the terminal emulator. I kid you not.

Anyways, much as I don't want other website incapacitated either, none of the Blogspot blogs I've tried to check on today have been accessible either - thank the Google acquisition and server switching, I suspect.

Strikingly, I haven't run across any weblogs commenting on either service being down. Then again, services being inaccessible are always of most interest to those using them - and when they can't use them, they can't post about it.


Sunday, 8 December 2002

11:37 pm - Playmobil Tarot

What very pretty things are the Playmobil tarot cards! They've been done so nicely. I don't know much about tarot cards, but there certainly are some fine looking decks out there. (Originally wandered across via boingboing)


Saturday, 19 May 2001

1:02 am - PvP and related subjects

An online friend introduced me to PvP, a particularly amusing comic about a gaming industry magazine. Nodwick, as well as other comics hosted by Gamespy are well worth looking at if it's a genre of interest.


Wednesday, 3 January 2001

1:00 am - Torcon3

Torcon 3. Toronto hosts its third Worldcon in 2003 over Labour Day weekend!(03/01/2001)


Tuesday, 3 October 2000

12:59 am - Goodbye, Zoe!

Goodbye, Zoe! I didn't get to hear most of your shows, but I enjoyed them while they lasted and I was in the appropriate country. (Zoe Ball retired today as host of the Breakfast Show on BBC's Radio 1. The BBC reports on Zoe Ball's retirement.) And for the record, I also like Simon Mayo's show, and he is still on the air.


Friday, 30 July 1999

12:58 am - Toybox

The group Toybox has already gone multi-platinum in northern Europe. Their music is extremely silly and a great deal of fun. As are their videos!


Tuesday, 20 July 1999

12:57 am - Tourism URLS

On the subject of British travel, I hadn't previously focused on how inundated with URLs the tourism trade is. Business generally, certainly. But not travel, enough though I've frequently used web sites as useful tools in organizing trips. Hotel-reviewing companies, tourism boards, and Skipton Castle. Next time, perhaps, if the prices have unexpectedly plummeted, I'll go travelling equipped with a mobile phone and portable modem to go with the Psion...


Tuesday, 22 June 1999

12:50 am - Surrey

Surrey is an amazing place. High property values, to be sure, lying as it does in commuting distance of London, but, nevertheless, it is full of large tracts of unbuilt land, forests, meadows, and the hills of the Surrey Downs. In the church trivia category, it's one of the only places to find grave boards (planks of wood suspended between two posts with an epitaph on the plank). Last I checked, it was in poor order, but hopefully will prove a worthwhile community web-service provider for the greater Bookham community.


Friday, 23 April 1999

12:49 am - Rose Theatre

The Rose theater was London's first dedicated theater site. Home of all of Christopher Marlowe's plays and Shakespeare's first several. When its ruins were excavated in 1989, the thronging crowds believed it would likely be the last time the theater was to be seen in any form, since a high rise was then built upon the site. Now, however, the ruins are again open to the public, more as an informative fund-raiser than because the average viewer can really conclude much from a bunch of foundations. The 20-minute video presentation is enhanced by the electroluminescent illuminations of the ruins (which were designed and installed by the father of a friend of mine.) In its current form, the Rose theater will be open for 2 years, 1999-2001. By that point, it is hoped, enough money will have been raised to further excavate the site and improve upon the existing 'performance' of the site.


Thursday, 1 April 1999

12:48 am - Charms of the Southeast

To those in the north of England, the southeast is relatively overpopulated and expensive. Though true, there are nevertheless desolate locations and quite nice populated areas. Guildford is a charming town, at least in the historic center, with lovely gardens around the castle. The Science Museum (London) has a gorgeous glass suspension bridge, held up with cobweb steel wires, which sings to those who walk on it. It's in a new permanent exhibit called "The Challenge of Materials." The Natural History Museum's renovation is certainly entertaining and full of information, but it reminds me of a museum-equivalent of a theme park - nothing wrong with this, mind, it's just quite a novel experience for a museum.


Wednesday, 9 December 1998

12:47 am - Scuola Internazionale di Grafica

The Scuola Internazionale di
is an international Printmaking
school is located in Venice, Italy, right on the Grand Canal. All
sorts of classes, summer and winter, from bookmaking to woodcuts.


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