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Thursday, 20 February 2003

11:16 pm - One-quarter of the Internet

Today, according to Livejournal's Status Page, approximately one-quarter of IP addresses have been blocked from accessing the service, since there is a widespread denial-of-service attack on LiveJournal. I'm part of that one-quarter. Ironically, however, when I turned to this page in lieu of my normal posting-place, C.'s recent GUI upgrade interfered with my ability to use the alternate weblog posting program. Perversely enough, I couldn't run the terminal emulator. I kid you not.

Anyways, much as I don't want other website incapacitated either, none of the Blogspot blogs I've tried to check on today have been accessible either - thank the Google acquisition and server switching, I suspect.

Strikingly, I haven't run across any weblogs commenting on either service being down. Then again, services being inaccessible are always of most interest to those using them - and when they can't use them, they can't post about it.

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